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To the lovely people who used to follow my blog about writing and publishing.

On New Years Eve 2014 my husband whom I’d been with for 20 years clicked champagne glasses with me and said “20 years eh?” I smiled enthusiastically and said “Here’s to 20 more!”

On January 1st 2015 my younger son who is autistic screamed “Oh no daddy’s sick!” I ran into the room to find my husband snoring but his arm was going up and down by itself. I won’t detail the other disturbing phases he went through. I rang an ambulance. But when he got to hospital the doctor told me he had fallen into a coma he would never wake up from. I didn’t understand what it meant. He was 48. They told me he had suffered a brain aneurysm rupture and had only ten hours to live. They told me there was no hope.

So long story short that is why I stopped blogging along with all the changes in the industry that meant there are now a lot less publishers with calls for submissions -for authors without an agent- than there were back when I started this blog.

I don’t really like the words “Happy New Year” anymore but I suppose I should wish you all that since 2021 has just begun.


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